Financial Consulting

Financial consulting and process improvement is critical for your business’s success. Our extensive CFO experience will help you improve your profitability and establish clear financial procedures and reporting. Giving you peace of mind that your company is on the right path.

You may have new investors that have reporting requirements you haven’t had to deal with before. Or your invoicing process might be keeping you from getting paid on time. All of these issues have an impact on your team and your cash flow. We improve those procedures to make sure that your cash flow goes up, and that your financial processes are sustainable.

Data Analytics

Your team is collecting data. You may not realize it, but all of the work you are already doing creates data that can give you insights that can change your company. We work with your team to find the data you are already collecting and help you use it to manage your business.

Since we work across your company, we apply these insights to real-world situations to gain insights. We don’t just blindly follow the data, we work with your team to figure out what data is useful and what it really means.

M&A Transaction Services

We combine our change management, financial, operational, and data analysis services to provide actionable due diligence and transition consulting for private equity and venture capital transactions. Our work identifies financial and operational risks during the due diligence process. It creates a clear review of what would be needed to reduce those risks—creating accurate forecasts for the company and an action plan for the investor to consider in their investment decision.

Change Management

Everything changes, and that can create uncertainty that is tough to manage and stressful for business owners. We guide you through the uncertainty change creates as a partner, so that you don’t have to face those challenges alone.

Operational Improvement

Operational improvement is critical to making change stick. Our operational improvement services make each employees’ job better. This work helps employees embrace change and feel comfortable in their roles. It also keeps you from spending money on software, additional hires, or expensive equipment that wastes your money.

These changes allow employees to enjoy their work so they can serve your clients at a high level. As your employees find success with these changes, it creates a positive cycle that leads to improvements throughout your business that will fuel your growth.

Employee Buy-In

Employee engagement and buy-in is the difference between success and failure for companies. Our employee-first focus is central to our process. We work with your employees to increase engagement and to empower them to take ownership of their work and serve their customers better.

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