Based in Nashville, TN we apply a value investing, lifelong learning, and people-focused approach to deploying capital.

Private Equity

  • Long-Term Focus: Our goal is to hold a company forever.
  • Strong Cash Flow: We look for companies with over $1 million in cash flow and greater than 10% margins.
  • Minimal debt: We want to complete our deals with as little debt as possible.

Public Equity Value Investing

  • Long-Term Investors: We apply our Private Equity long-term perspective
  • Fundamental Research: We use a bottom-up value investing process that is company-specific.
  • Discount to Long-Term Value: Companies trading at or below 80% of Price/Value.

Investment Criteria

  • Valuation: A conservative valuation we feel confident in
  • Robust Business Model: Ability to retain customers and compete in their industry.
  • Quality People: Great leadership teams and cultures make excellent investment partners.
  • Shareholder Orientation: Alignment of interests is critical in any investment.
  • Financial Strength: Quality cash flows with good balance sheets.
  • Environmental & Social Impact: Positive performance on Environmental & Social issues.
  • Quality of Earnings: Ability to trust the financials we receive.