Nashville, TN (July 26, 2019) — Darby Creek Capital has changed its name to Darby Creek Consulting. The name change reflects the company’s focus on financial and operational consulting for small businesses. The firm is a small business consulting group based in Nashville, TN, focused on helping companies put employees first through operational and financial consulting. It was founded in 2015 and concentrates on companies that have revenue above $1 million and less than 200 employees. The company delivers value to its clients by improving employee engagement and efficiency.  

Founder and Managing Partner, Tim Barbis is refocusing the company on providing consulting services in the Nashville area.  “I am excited to bring our experience from across the country home to Nashville,” said Mr. Barbis, “but I am more excited to bring an employee-first focus to small businesses. Through our work over the years, it has been clear that the happiness of customers can only be as good as the experience of employees.  Our role will be to remove obstacles that keep employees from doing their best work. By doing this, the company becomes more efficient, and the employee enjoys showing up to work in the morning, which allows them to pass on that joy to their clients.”

Darby Creek Consulting is based in Nashville, TN and works with companies in Middle Tennessee in all industries, with engagements that adhere to employee first principles. 

About Darby Creek Consulting LLC: Darby Creek Consulting brings an employee-first focus to small business consulting. The firm provides financial and operational consulting for companies that have revenue above $1 Million and less than 200 employees.  Darby Creek Consulting sets itself apart through its commitment to an employee-first approach that removes obstacles and empowers employees to do their best work. Based in Nashville, TN, Darby Creek Consulting works primarily in Middle Tennesee and across all industries.