Mission & Values

We want all of our partners to be around in 100 years, and each company will get there in its way. So, our partnerships create unique solutions that maintain the critical aspects of the business. Our individualized approach sets the company up for a long life of profitability.


To Partner with Small & Medium-Sized Businesses to Put People Before Profits.


  • Do The Right Thing, Always.
  • Put People First
  • Be Authentic
  • Prioritize Diversity

Impact & Growth

Darby Creek’s focus is on impact and growth. We look at growth and change as a way to reach impact-based goals. Instead of growth for growth’s sake, our goals are to drive community impact through employee development and critical supplier support.


Tim Barbis founded Darby Creek in 2015.  His goal was to partner with small businesses over the long-term. As a result, Darby Creek works with companies to perform well for the next 100 years, not just the next quarter.

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