Cincinnati – La Terza Coffee & Small Giants

Cincinnati Trip: La Terza Coffee & Small Giants

December 16, 2016

I have just returned from a great day trip to Cincinnati, where I flew in for a Small Giants Cincinnati luncheon. It was a great opportunity to connect with other values driven leaders. Before the luncheon, I spent my morning working from a cafe at La Terza coffee’s Roasterie. It is a great cup of coffee for those who, like me, are obsessed with good coffee. So buy a bag of their coffee if you are in Cincinnati, or stop by their coffee shop.

What I’m spending my time on:

  • Wednesday night was the CFA Society of Washington holiday party. I consider it a win at events like this one if I’m able to have a good conversation and meet some interesting people; which I was able to do. So lets mark it down as a win.
  • Small Giants Luncheon in Cincinnati. My first Small Giants event was made up exclusively of great conversations.  I loved connecting with business owners and hearing what they are doing to make a difference in their own way.  The Small Giants Community has continued to surprise me with the thoughtful way the people I meet approach their businesses. You should reach out to the community if you are a values driven leader that lives near one of the Small Giant’s cities. You can find a list of their cities here.

What’s sparking my mind:

  • More podcasts! One interesting story is on Planet Money’s podcast called “Bell Wars.” It describes the rivalry between two hand bell makers that make just about every hand bell in the world. They also happen to be located across town from each other.  It is always interesting to hear about unique businesses like these.

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